decolonized peer-to-peer electronic transaction system

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Digital Decolonization

Our objective is to digitally decolonize developing nations so that they can benefit from the current fourth industrial revolution. The irony of most cryptocurrencies that currently exists is that they are build for persons living in developing nations, yet persons in the developing nations benefit the least from this new economic boom. Airtimecoin is a decolonized peer-to-peer electronic transaction system that is purpose built by persons in developing nation, for persons in the developing nations. It is against this background that we have create Airtimecoin WiFi Blockchain.

FREE WiFi - Mobile Blockchain

Airtimecoin blockchain is a registry of mobile telephone numbers. Numbers in this registry have access to a distributed network of WiFi access points.

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Earn Money - Coin Minting

Persons in first world countries currently make money from cryptocurrency through computer mining. This is difficult for the average person in developing countries due to the high cost of equipment and electricity. Therefore, we have incorporated a different strategy called 'Minting' which is centered around earning by provisioning WiFi access points.

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